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WorkFlow Engine

Put together complex workflows with a few clicks!

Automating Workflows isnt a problem anymore.
is a masterpiece of work presented to you.
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  • 1

    Create Form Templates

    Use our Form Builder to create necessary activity templates to collect data.

  • 2

    Create a Work Process and sequence the Actitivities

    Use the configurator to create a sequence of work activities and apply conditional logic to define the flow of activity.

  • 3

    Control Data Visibility

    Use Work-to-Form and Form-to-Work data copy methods, control the visibility of data to different players in the work process.

  • 4

    Create Work instance and assign to user

    Click on the newly created WorkFlow and fill the necessary data. Assign it to a user with start and end date as required.


The mobile dashboard also showcases on top, the number of assigned workprocesses, completed, in-progress, delayed, etc