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Spoors delivers robust field force solutions through EFFORT+, a flexible, configurable app designer for every field service need. Internet service providers, cable companies, and communications organizations are facing the most tumultuous yet opportune time in history. Our customers’ connectedness and behavior grow more complex by the minute, driven by an explosion of new data sources and device usage. Meanwhile, competition among communication service providers (CSPs) is sky high as customers demand instant service and constant uptime. In today’s telecommunications landscape it’s key that organizations embrace a field service management solution that can optimize critical business processes and delight customers.

Right from customer onboarding to tower service management everything is possible with EFFORT+. Our media rich forms clubbed with WorkFlow engines help customers collate the necessary geo-coded data for forward planning.

Use Cases for Telecom, Triple-Play & ISPs

Every possible pen-paper, excel data recording can be digitized within seconds using EFFORT+. Telecom as an industry has not transformed quite well into the digital arena. Several tasks are un-organized and un-automated still.

  • Quick Customer Onboarding: Using our digital forms and integration with Biometric devices, customers can now get onboarded within minutes. Swipe devices enable digital payments too.
  • Tower Service: Technicians can now be alerted with tickets that are raised for adhoc of scheduled maintenance of towers. Technicians closer to the service site can be notified using smart allocation methods.
  • Attendance & Leave: Users can apply leave through our application and the workflow and activities engine smartly detects such instances and avoids allocating work to service personnel who are unavailable.
  • Request & Reschedules: Quite often there may be a revisit to the site and also a parts request may be in order. These and more, complex workflows can be defined on our application, and the service personnel will just follow the workflow that suggests the next action required.
  • Benefits

    The ROI on field service software is measured on time-to-market, cost of deployment and quick adoption. With EFFORT+ the TCO is greatly reduced and the intuitive user interface makes adoption easier than ever.

  • Deliver Improved Productivity: Efficient and cost effective business optimization between communications service resources and task in a fast evolving business arena.
  • Scalable Platform: The solution can be used as a SaaS product or can be deployed in a private/public cloud in a multi-tenant architecture, to support the growing needs of telecom companies.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Optimized-Shortest lead time for service onboarding, maintainance and/or repair services.
  • Smart Ticket Management: Tickets can be managed on Spoors platform or can also originate from any standard CRM solution. Integrations allow for real-time assignment & action of tickets and resolution.
  • ROI Agility: Using Check-in & Check-out during customer visits or maintenance schedules, clubbed with geo-fencing, can clearly indicate to management the amount of time spent on a task and/or a particular customer. Appropriate action can be deployed to course correct if any required.
  • improves your productivity by a minimum of 30%

    Quick Go-To-Market

    It takes hardly 30 minutes to put together a form, download the application, and start collecting data! Most organizational processes can be automated in less than half a day! Dont believe us? Try for yourself!

    Highly Scalable

    Spoors is a highly scalable solution powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Whatever the scale of your business, we will scale with you instantly and help you in your success.


    We perform regular test on our platforms and applications. We do an yearly audit of our solution using third party services to have unbiased review of security features. Having been certified for high levels of security our customers enjoy a world-class secure solution.

    Easy Learning Curves

    Field personnel are generally not highly qualified. Our intuitive and easy to use app reduces the learning curve and helps them adopt the solution quickly.


    Custom integrations along with Open APIs provide for a very dynamic setup. Our solution can easily talk to many of the ERP, Core systems, SCM, Sales & lead management solutions.

    Reduced TCO

    Being a SaaS solution greatly reduces the capex costs for our customers and they also enjoy all the new feature releases. This reduces the TCO for our customers.