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Enterprise Mobility empowers organizations and people to perform their tasks and duties from anywhere, any time, using applications that help them digitize data. It is also about connecting, storing, retrieving your data in an individualistic and unorthodox manner.

Developing stacks and modules from the scratch, based on researching several field service needs, has been quite an enjoyable challenge for Spoors tech team. We work to solve a problem for our customers (stated or unstated) rather than sell solutions. Our technology has empowered many field employees and have made them more productive. In effect FOS personnel feel they are growing up the ladder of economies and are doing tech jobs that provides an aspirational value.


  • ILS is the backbone of EFFORTPlus that is responsible for the data exchange mechanism from the EFFORTPlus mobile application to the server. ILS also allows your work force to work offline and automatically perform a two-way sync when you are online. ILS optimizes the sent and received data by transferring only un-synced data.
  • The dynamic form engine allows you to quickly configure the form templates to satisfy the business needs. It supports numerous data types such as multimedia, signature, location, Data filtering, dynamic field validations, computations of values, conditional display/lock, bar code scanning, integration with payment gateways, value extraction from master lists and web services are some of the key features available in Form.
  • RaCE optimizes the jobs allocated to a field employee by reducing the overall travel time (least productive time of a field employee). This platform enables service providers to plan optimized route for field force management and helps to schedule the workflow based on the resource availability and work load.
  • ALPS is a technology used to gather location data of field employee’s mobile phones. It allows us to visualize the route map taken by the employees and determines the employee closest to the customer location for resolving the customer issues. This technology is also used to determine the authenticity of the proofs or documents captured.
  • MMDP enables you to capture various medias such as videos, images, audios, signatures and finger prints. This platform is a mobile platform agnostic i.e. media captured on any device can be accessible on all devices and platforms.
  • MaAP manages time and event based alerts, notifications, reminders and reports. It generates and delivers scheduled reports. Proactively reminds the user about the scheduled activities. The major functionality of this platform is that it enables you to customize messages and allows you to attach data pertaining to the activity within the message itself.
  • Framework

    Our technology team constantly innovates and invents newer technologies that help our customer partners succeed in their business. The core is driven by a proprietary framework built on Apache, TomCat and JBoss along with core Android and iOS tech for the applications. For more details write to us at technology@spoors.in


    We use an opensource version of MySQL by name Percona. Its an enterprise grade DB that allows for tuning and optimization as required. Being Open Source also greatly reduces the costs for our client partners and increases the scope for support with a wide variety of technologists adding to the Percona family everyday.


    Built on Enterprise technology principles, the solution is a groundup approach in terms of building proprietary modules that enhance performance at large scale. To know more you may write to us at technology@spoors.in

    GPS Caveats

    GPS is accurate only when exposed to clearsky. There are certain times that GPS coordinates may or may not be captured by the mobile devices. We urge you to read the document and the links there in, to get clarity on how GPS recording works for greater clarity.

    SDK & REST Open APIs

    Our Open APIs allow for easy integrations to our systems. For real-time push and pull of data use our APIs and if you would like our technologists to help you, please do write to us at technology@spoors.in.
    Download a copy of our Open APIs doc for a quick overview.


  • Hardware - We have integrated with bluetooth printers, finger print scanners, mPOS and swipe devices for payments and many more. Write to us with a list of your queries and devices, if its integrable, consider it done!

  • Software - We have integrated with various flavours of SAP, Custom ERPs, CRMs, Sales force software and many other systems. Clients have either sought our Open APIs to integrate our software with their existing systems or have exposed standard webservices or APIs for us to be able to push & data.

  • Check our list of integrations.

    improves your productivity by a minimum of 30%

    Quick Go-To-Market

    It takes hardly 30 minutes to put together a form, download the application, and start collecting data! Most organizational processes can be automated in less than half a day! Dont believe us? Try for yourself!

    Highly Scalable

    Spoors is a highly scalable solution powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Whatever the scale of your business, we will scale with you instantly and help you in your success.


    We perform regular test on our platforms and applications. We do an yearly audit of our solution using third party services to have unbiased review of security features. Having been certified for high levels of security our customers enjoy a world-class secure solution.

    Easy Learning Curves

    Field personnel are generally not highly qualified. Our intuitive and easy to use app reduces the learning curve and helps them adopt the solution quickly.


    Custom integrations along with Open APIs provide for a very dynamic setup. Our solution can easily talk to many of the ERP, Core systems, SCM, Sales & lead management solutions.

    Reduced TCO

    Being a SaaS solution greatly reduces the capex costs for our customers and they also enjoy all the new feature releases. This reduces the TCO for our customers.