A Code-Free Activity & Workflow Management Software

Our agile solution has a highly-configurable form builder, smart work engine, and comprehensive reports. Analyze real-time data to track progress, performance, and field activity. Access to real-time data & intelligence enables companies to forward-plan and achieve greater business results.


Form Designer

Design custom mobile forms in your web browser with our drag-and-drop form builder.

Quickly deploy them out to field staff for fast mobile data collection.


Workflow Engine

Sequence activities & apply simple conditional logic to create complex workflows!

Automatically allocate work to field employees based on their last known location and calendar availability using SmartWorks.


Mobile Application

Configure the app the way you want with 800+ configurable parameters. Work seamlessly both Online and Offline

Spoors Mobile Application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Capture Presence/Attendance details, Assign Activities or Workflows to field employees

Field employees use QuickSync to get the latest templates and updates from the server automatically

Use Check-in and Check-out at Customer locations for gauging qualitative engagements

Assign and map only required customers and not the entire set

Provide visibility only to pertinent actions while assigning workflows

Leave Applications, Knowledge Base, Chat interface, are additional productivity tools.


Reports and Dashboard

With 80+ reports and a configurable dashboard, managers can get a bird's view of the employee performance. Explore


Spoors platform supports a wide variety of Software and Hardware Integrations.

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