Plan & Perform

Once employee locations are known, managers can assign activities and/or Works based on the last known location of employees to optimally use field resources!


Planning is at the heart of every organization. To define Day, Route, Month plans for mobile workforce is an integral part of any organizational planning.

Presence helps with the locations of employees while Plan & Perform allows managers to define activities and workflows for the employees. As part of the Agenda, the activities are listed chronologically for the employees to take a quick snapshot and follow routines.


Planning activities for employees helps in effective utilization of their time and therefore improvement of productivity for the organization.


Diferent domains mandate different types of activity and workflow planning. For example, Route Planning will be applicable to a logistics company where as Day Planning will be applicable to a Service Ticket Management Company.

Organized Plan: In specific domains like in retail, a route plan typically works better cos the customers/clients in a route are defined. EFFORT+ can be used to effectively plan repeatable routes across a week.

Un-Organized Plan: In domains like Pharma, Hotel and other similar genres, executives plan their days or tour plans. Managers can also plan their day, week or month to effectively utilize their times. Leaves would be considered in making plans so that employees who are unavailable are not assigned plans.

In both cases, the plans can contain both activities and workflows that are meant to be performed across a defined duration.