Reports & Dashboards

Management gets a rich view of performance across Customers, Emplyee & Activities. Our 80+ canned reports along with a dynamic dashboard will help you get a quick overview of the organizational performance.


Ultimate goal of any business is to gauge the level of performance through sales, coverage, collections, etc EFFORT+ advanced Dashboards and Reports provide a sharp view into the activities and workflows.

The standard dashboard provides a quick view into employee attendance, activity completion rate, workflow stages, and many more data points. Clicking on each card on the page will drill down to further levels of granularity.


Managers can access Activity-wise, Customer-wise and/or Employee-wise reports using the platform while quick views can also be obtained through Mobile Reports.

There are several types of reports that help managers slice and dice the data as required.

Customer based reports on sales, achievements, coverage etc can be pulled out. While Employee based distance, activity, workflow reports can be pulled out to gauge performance. Some of the reports, like attendance, distance, etc, can also be scheduled to be delivered into the managers inbox in defined intervals.

Reports are available online and can also be downloaded as PDF or CSV formats for further processing.

Custom reports can be built using the Reports Builder or can also be requested as a customization with the Spoors Development Team.


Reports on-the-go that help managers to quickly analyse and scan employee performance.

Managers and Business owners often keep traveling and its difficult to gain access to a laptop to look into reports. Mobile reports help with quick snapshots over a period of time, across specific activities and employees as needed. The same can be configured as need be from the Admin portal.

Dashboards, Charts and Reports can also be customized as per business needs.

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