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No Code Software

Easily configure operational process applications in a few clicks. Create custom forms, workflows, and reports — no coding required.

Power to Process Owners

With zero-coding knowledge process owners can now churn out applications for various needs. They can now design and deploy powerful workflows on both Android and iOS platforms using our easy to use portal. Build custom forms with our drag & drop interface, make them as checkin-based activities and assign the same to the field workforce at large. Distribute forms to the right employee groups by protecting sensitive forms and data from evil eyes. With a few clicks, quickly connect these forms, workflows, and data sets for increased organizational efficiency.

No-Code Reporting

Create reports basis Customer, Employee and/or Activity. Explore data and share information that aligns with critical business processes. Schedule reports for easy access to data. Define custom reporting filters to identify crucial data and initiate action.

No complex aggregation or queries to extract data. Use our Form or Workflow Reporting engine to pull out the necessary and relevant data in a few clicks