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Automatic Location Capture

Everything you collect with our app is automatically tagged with a GPS location coordinate (even in offline mode), allowing you to see all of your work on a map, as it's happening.

Complete Offline Access

Effort+ can be used offline in fully disconnected environments to collect data. Data is stored on the device and is synced back to the cloud once you reach wi-fi or cellular coverage.

Quickly deploy them out to field staff for fast mobile data collection.

Online Forms

There are several use cases where a form may be required to work only Online . A retail scenario where SKU needs to be checked before booking an order or a service ticket management that provides options to check spare parts availability, are all cases where a form/activity needs to work completely online. If there is no data connectivity, such a form will cease to function.

Offline Forms

Almost all forms designed on Spoors platform work Offline . We understand the data coverage challenges and hence allow employees to work in an offline mode without any data dependencies. Once into, data coverage, the app automatically syncs all the data in the background, providing real-time information to managers and decision makers.

Public Forms

In certain cases, customers may be required to collect data without having the app to be installed or provisioned. A Public Form is a link to a form/activity that can be sent across as a link to the recipient. Once the recipient submits the data, regular reports can be generated using the Reports section to gain visibility into the data collected.

Rich Media that are Location Tagged.

1. Capture digital signatures on the forms. Useful in Proof-of-Delivery scenarios

2. Record audio transcripts of discussions during site visits or spot demos.

3. Video record jobs that require a proof of completion.

Forms Settings & Options

1. Create Form grouping to collate forms of a particular type. For example Sales related could be clubbed together while HR could be another group.

2. Lists can be imported from ERP systems or timely refresh of Lists can be achieved through APIs. Bulk upload options are also available along with tempaltes.

3. Standard reports are available through Reports section. But Advanced Report Builder allows to build a report according to one's need using input from multiple forms.

Some of our data type samples. For an extensive list, write to us or Signup for a Demo

Data Types - Basic

There are 30+ data types that can be used on the forms. You can group the data, label them or put them in repeatable sections!

# Data Type Usage
1 Text Use this data type to include simple texts input such as name, description, etc
2 Currency Use this data type to define a number input that is as Currency.
3 Date & Time Use Date to include just the date. Use Date & Time to include Time as well.
4 Number Use this data type to take any numeric input that is either an integer or a decimal value.
Data Types - Special
# Data Type Usage
1 Signature You can now include digital signatures in your forms. The signature can be affixed by using a finger as a stylus
2 Sections In certain use cases the same type of data may be repeated. In order to optimize the usage of such repeatable data elements, customers may use the Section Grouping.
3 Auto Generate Order IDs or unique identifiers can be autogenerated using a specified nomenclature using this field
4 Single or Multi Select & Lists Country, States, Districts mostly occur only once and hence can be used in a Single Select drop-down list. Where multiple options are to be selected Multi-select lists can be used. The same can be replaced with Lists that can take on Master Data from ERP and other SCM systems.