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Spoors solutions are widely used by both eCommerce players, & Travel aggregators. Delivery for the former and Hotel/Partner onboarding along with regular audits for the latter are classic use cases.

India's leading travel aggregators like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, Redbus, Cleartrip and more use EFFORT+ for their field staff. This helps them effectively align and assign the daily work routines with digitized reports for visibility.

Use Cases for eCommerce & Travel Aggregators

Delivery and Audits are classic uses cases that many of our client partners automate using EFFORT+.

  • Hotel Onboarding:Some of the leading aggregators in the travel space use our solution to dynamically allocate areas to field personnel. The FOS visit these areas and enroll any new hotels along with the inventory, images of the hotel, and also capture images of branding of competition.
  • Audits: Travel is a price sensitive industry and hence regular audits helps our clients keep a check on quality and pricing equally. FOS visit hotels and take stock of inventory availability, capture geo-coded images to ensure quality, and also pick up feedback as required from hotel owners.
  • Benefits

    Travel & eCommerce are both extremely customer centric and price sensitive. Keeping real-time data in check helps organization greatly delivery on customer experience and profitability.

  • Ensuring Quality: Regular audits of hote units helps aggregators keep an eye on the quality of the entities as well as that of service. FOS capture both images, audio as well as textual feedback along with hotel details to provide visibility to strategists on planning inventories well.
  • Customer Delight: Ensuring quality through regular checks and providing excellent inventory options makes repeat-customers for our client partners. Some of them have witnessed their bookings double after deploying the mobile app for their field service needs.
  • improves your productivity by a minimum of 30%

    Quick Go-To-Market

    It takes hardly 30 minutes to put together a form, download the application, and start collecting data! Most organizational processes can be automated in less than half a day! Dont believe us? Try for yourself!

    Highly Scalable

    Spoors is a highly scalable solution powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Whatever the scale of your business, we will scale with you instantly and help you in your success.


    We perform regular test on our platforms and applications. We do an yearly audit of our solution using third party services to have unbiased review of security features. Having been certified for high levels of security our customers enjoy a world-class secure solution.

    Easy Learning Curves

    Field personnel are generally not highly qualified. Our intuitive and easy to use app reduces the learning curve and helps them adopt the solution quickly.


    Custom integrations along with Open APIs provide for a very dynamic setup. Our solution can easily talk to many of the ERP, Core systems, SCM, Sales & lead management solutions.

    Reduced TCO

    Being a SaaS solution greatly reduces the capex costs for our customers and they also enjoy all the new feature releases. This reduces the TCO for our customers.