EFFORT+ has improved sales, collections, orders, verifications, service turn-around-time, etc... Many businesses have benefited by deploying our solution. A few of the cases that would give you an idea of what our solution can offer you.

L&T Financial Services

LTFS (L&T Financial Services) has a been a long term customer of Spoors. We have automated their lead mgmt, collections, receipting as well as attendance management. Along with core integrations with SAP and other software, our solution is also integrated with swipe devices for payment collection, Finger print scanner for eKYC, bluetooth printers for issuing receipts on the fly, and more. Read More...>>

Mahindra Financial Services Limited

Mahindra Financial Services (MFSL) is one of the largest NBFCs in the country. After having worked with several solutions they realized that EFFORT+ is the only configurable solution that can provide absolute business improvement. With this premise, we started working with MFSL and have automated the issuance of cover notes, collections mgmt as well as reimbursements. Collections have drastically improved in the years.
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Aeon Credit

Aeon Credit, a Japanese company, is particular about performance and on-time delivery. Spoors was the perfect solution that delivered guaranteed results on both lead mgmt as well as collections. The team is already looking at deploying the solution in the APAC region for other countries. Strong integrations have helped with collection greatly. Read More...>>

Xiaomi Mobiles India

Xiaomi is the largest mobile manufactuer and the top-selling brand in India. The team had already finalised on a competition's software while they took a cursory look at our solution. 10 minutes with the solution they decided that Spoors would be the perfect fit for the dynamic and exponential growth Xiaomi was envisioning for India. Read More...>>