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    What We Do

    Customer Prospecting, Customer Onboarding, Sales, Lead Management, Collections, Returns Management, Order Booking, Audits, Verifications, Service Ticket Management , everything is possible with EFFORT+.

    Based on extensive research, we help organizations focus on three things - Presence, Plan & Perform, Performance

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    PRESENCE - Geo-coded attendanceGeo-tag employee attendance
    to auto-allocate activities

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    PLAN & PERFORM - To-Do Lists & Workflows & ActivitiesRouteplans, Dayplans, or Monthly Plans

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    PERFORMANCE - Reports & DashboardsReal-time data dashboard & 80+ canned reports

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    Business Agility

    Made with in Hyderabad, Built for the World!

    Developed after thorough research on field & mobile workforces. EFFORT+ engagement model helps organizations with the following:

    What effort within my org can be automated?

    Most likely, a lot! And our proprietary technology can confirm this. We analysed hundreds of activities and workflows from many organizations for digitization & automation opportunities, resulting in a flexible-configurable solution designed to reduce costs and improve business velocity.

    Who Will help us with the automation?

    In short, we do. Our business analysts will do all the necessary requirement gathering and timeline management, while our engineers build the product using our proprietary patent-pending automation platform.

    Who manages the automation system once it’s live?

    Spoors does. Our SLA-governed service agreements allow for generous change and incident management, meaning that there’s always a dedicated analyst and an account manager along with 9x6 IST support. Our team will ensure that your business functions are optimized and automated well.

    Highly Scalable

    Spoors is a highly scalable solution powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Whatever the scale of your business, we will scale with you instantly and help you in your success.


    Having been certified for high levels of security our customers enjoy a world-class secure solution. Our regular audits and checks keeps security under balance. This is one of our key focus areas as more and more financial institutiosn rely on us.

    Reduced TCO

    Being a SaaS solution greatly reduces the capex costs for our customers and they also enjoy all the new feature releases. This reduces the TCO for our customers.

    Application Area Overview

    Some of the application areas that will make you rethink business success
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    Mobile Workflow & Activity Mgmt

    Mobile workforce management solution is a strategic necessity and act as the field force manager that drives your field activities and sales force automation process more effectively, providing a competitive advantage over others.

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    Delivery & Logistics

    Most companies that deliver goods to their customers have no or very limited visibility into their operations. For instance, no one knows where the goods are, who is delivering them, when are they expected to reach the customer, whether the goods have been delivered to the customer or not.

    Powerful Performance


    Smooth cash flow is critical for the survival and growth of any company. Collecting money from customers is complicated process and is vulnerable to fraud

    Responsive Layout

    Work Order Mgmt

    Work Order Management Software solves the problem of end-to-end visibility and progress in order of service. Work order tracking software free download helps in resolving issues faster.

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    Geotagging & Territory Mgmt

    Territory management enables the organization to manage the complex team structures along geographical locations. Without segmentation of customer and grouping the employees around territories makes it difficult to track the organizations field coverage.

    Powerful Performance

    Customer Activity Mgmt

    Quality Customer interactions are critical for improving Customer Satisfaction. For Companies to grow customer satisfaction is paramount. It is often very challenging to gather accurate and authentic information about customer visits at their location.

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    Compliance Management

    Compliance Management enhances the performance of your organization by empowering your organization with a unified approach that integrates all your compliance processes and links it back to the organization strategy.

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    Field verification is the process of verifying the reported parameters against the actuals and documenting the actual parameters of any given person, facility, or organization. Many individuals/companies underestimate the vital importance of accurate, complete and Geo-Tagged authentic information.

    Powerful Performance

    Scheduling & Dispatching

    Scheduling and dispatching field employees to the right location at right time is difficult when you have limited manpower


    WHY US

    All over the World

    12+ Countries have benefitted from deploying EFFORT+

    Fully Configurable

    One Solution built to rule them all. Configure the application in less than 30 mins and deploy in a blink!

    Amazing Hardware & Software Integration

    Open APIs available to connect with any enterprise ERP, SCM, CRM, etc. Hardware integration with Swipe devices, Bluetooth Printers and OTG devices.

    Video Guides

    EFFORTPlus is the answer to all your Field Force Management challenges. Watch our training videos or reach us to gain more insights.

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    Testimonials from Our Customers.

    Our client success partners have been the biggest strength in making us build EffortPlus. With due feedback and feature requests our customers help us make our software better everyday!

    This is what they had to say...

    Effort is flexible, user friendly and easy to use enterprise solution. It helped us automate tasks for our field staff. Earlier we had no clue on the field staff whereabouts & performance on the field. After implementing Spoors solution it’s easy for us to monitor and optimizing the entire field operations. I would recommend Spoors to any company looking for a field activity optimization solution.

    Suresh Reddy Ahlada Engineers

    I very much appreciate the team's EFFORTs over these past months. Your experience and dedicated staff have really helped us in implementing the solution and provided a helping hand whenever there is a query raised. All in all, an excellent job from a professional, responsive company with a "can-do" attitude and the competence to deliver. We look forward to continue this relationship and would highly recommend SPOORS to anyone.

    Dr. Juma Venkatesh Global Pharma HealthCare Pvt Ltd

    “I have been extremely impressed with EFFORT from Spoors. The application is very impressive which provides a complete solution in getting real time updates and reports from the field. I appreciate the support provided by Spoors team throughout the adoption process. I would recommend Spoors to any organization that is making tough, strategic decisions on improving their field productivity and growing their business.”

    Rajiv Reddy Bluefence India

    “Advance Scientific has been using EFFORT from July 2015 and I am really impressed with the product features. We have streamlined our Sales and Services to a great extent and kudos to EFFORT for helping us achieve this. I highly recommend to use this World class product.”

    Priyank Musale Advanced Scientific

    AuthBridge has been in alliance with Spoors India Pvt Ltd since a year. We have been using their product "Effort Plus - Mobile App" with our executives pan India. Their after sales support is a delightful amalgamation of quick response time and effective solutions. Effort Plus - Mobile App is a perfect solution the market needs today. We will be keen to try their other products too in future."

    Ajay Trehan AuthBridge

    Spoors has been a frontrunner in the Enterprise Mobility space providing an extremely flexible solution that can be tailored to the needs of any domain. We at AEON Credit Service india, are extremely pleased and privileged to share with our fraternity that EFFORT+ from Spoors has made our field collections process extremely easy, transparent as well as productive.

    Jayabalan Ramakrishnan Aeon Credit Service India Pvt Ltd.

    Our Success Partners